Born in Milan in 1961, Carlo Kier Is an attorney at law and president of Azul Hotels. Carlo lives in Cancun, Mexico where he enjoys fishing and spending time in the water. Carlo started collecting fossils at 8 years old with his father and mother. At 16 years old, Carlo collaborated with the Museum of Natural History of Milan.

About five years ago Carlo began his pursuit of trilobites. He is an accomplished digger, having discovered many new species. His passion coupled with the construction of the new Azul Sensatori enabled the realization of a dream. The first trilobite fossil museum in the world.

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Born in Italy in 1966, Enrico is a geologist and paleontologist. Enrico studied in Italy obtaining a degree in Earth Sciences at the University of Genoa (Italy) and today is working for a Belgian company specialized in geomorphology, geology and mapping domain using Remote Sensing images and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) softwares.
Enrico has developed a very good skill in image processing with professional softwares and digital art for reconstruction of old environment for some museums (Cancun, Mexico and Italy) and Universities (University of Genoa, Italy and University of Liège, Belgium). His competencies allow him to cover the domain from data acquisition, image processing, and layout on vector graphic environment and digital publishing. Recently Enrico has produced many thematic posters and reconstructions concerning trilobites and arthropods in collaboration with international specialists.

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Born in Chicago in 1983, Jake Skabelund has always loved the art of discovery. Jake graduated from Montana State University with a degree in Biology. During his college years he fostered his love for fossils, in particular the trilobites. Jake has been avidly collecting trilobites and associated fossils for more than six years. As an adventurer, climber, and lover of the outdoors, Jake’s primary goal is to visit some of the most remote locations on earth in search of new trilobite species.

He and his business partner, Jason Cooper started American Trilobite Suppliers Inc. in 2008. The company is dedicated to bringing the finest trilobite specimens in the world to the collector.

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